Brochures for children from PubliCare

Companions for young patients

  • Inform, support, entertain

    The task

    PubliCare is one of the leading homecare experts in Germany. With great dedication, the company advises and supports its clients in the fields of ostomy, continence and wound care as well as nutritional therapy. “Every patient is first and foremost someone special to me” is the attitude of PubliCare employee Christoph Knauf. The company is also particularly devoted to its young patients. This is why it was important for PubliCare to develop brochures especially for children who are dependent on aids. These should not only provide exciting information but also encourage them to lead independent lives.

    Young experts in the spotlight

    Our approach

    If one creates something for children, one needs a change of perspective. We succeeded in doing so with the help of affected children: Three boys and three girls gave us an insight into a life in which “making wee-wee” is not simply a matter of fact. Four other children described their lives with an artificial bowel outlet, a stoma. With the support of these experts, the concept for three brochures was developed: one brochure for young stoma patients and two brochures on self-catheterisation, one each for girls and boys.

  • Independent and carefree

    The result

    Not just brochures, but many more companions were created. These explain sensitive topics such as intermittent self-catheterisation and stoma in age-appropriate language and illustrations. Valuable practical advice for everyday life, based on the experience of the children and PubliCare staff, complement the information. Parents, teachers and caregivers are also relieved of fear of contact. Games are also integrated in order to convey a sense of ease. After all, this is what is close to the Cologne-based company's heart: to make everyday life easier and less stressful for these children and to help them on their way to independence.

    A new self-confidence

    “Self-catheterization was quite strange at the beginning. At first I was afraid of doing something wrong.
    But now it seems to work out fine most of the time.”

    Steven, 9 years