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Medicine at just one click

The task

In order to bundle the flood of information in science and make the latest study results available to as many doctors as possible, intelligent online platforms are in demand today. How do physicians worldwide get the latest research results so that today's findings can be directly implemented in daily practice – “from bench to bedside”?

  • Accurate planning

    Our approach

    To depict a medical conference on a website – demands a strong network, high expertise and meticulous organisation. A team of experts, consultants, programmers and film producers visits the most important medical conventions worldwide and records the main highlights. In cooperation with the professional societies, licensed platforms are created which increase the outreach of the latest research results considerably.

  • Cutting edge service

    The result

    Platforms such have become indispensable in today's information landscape. The unique feature of password-protected portals: The neutrality of the contents, the timeliness of the results and the professional medial processing. Today, for example, every second oncologist in Germany uses ASH COMPACT to stay up to date.

    Accessible medicine: from bench to bedside

    “Superb website, very professionally done! The clients to whom I have had the pleasure of showing the website to in person so far are thrilled: short, concise reports. Truly, very well done!”

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