The corporation at a glance

Image brochure for Chugai Pharma

  • Innovation beyond imagination

    The task

    At the Japanese pharmaceutical company Chugai Pharma, the focus is on innovation: the Asian roots, Japanese script and traditional look are to be replaced by a modern and international image which underlines the future orientation of the Group. The focus is on technological progress, talent and know-how in order to continue improving patient care.


    New text and image world

    Our approach

    In brainstorming sessions, our team of consultants, designers and copywriters set the course for the new image brochure: What is the corporate vision? In which direction is the industry evolving? What are the central fields of business? In a second step, we clarify which editorial and visual elements support the statement of the claim “Innovation beyond Imagination”. A text and design concept is created. In close coordination with the company, page layout, wording, colour scheme and graphic design elements gain intensity.

    Focusing on the future

    The result

    With strong motives Chugai presents itself as an innovative and committed pharmaceutical company with its main business sectors of oncology, rheumatology, haematology and supportive drugs - in terms of content supported by the company's vision. The central theme is the motive of “focusing”. Through clear language and the design element of the square, the essential comes to the foreground. The view is directed towards the future.

    A good companion

    “For us as a Japanese corporation, tradition and innovation are always to be mentioned in the same breath. Our new corporate CI elegantly reflects this. We are pleased to be able to realize these projects with our agency art tempi and are proud of the outcome.”

    Dr Markus Harwart, Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd.