Training Experts

Summit meeting for Hexal

Unique further education

The task

There is a broad range of further education programs for physicians. Hence, establishing an event that stands out from the masses and offers something exciting and new is a true challenge. What do physicians expect? What do they require? What is already available and what is not well received?

Expert gatherings

Our approach

Which lectures are of relevance for physicians and what could be the focus areas? How do we generate a top-class pool of experts? After in-depth discussions with the target group, the physicians, and our client, the first “summit meetings” were born.

  • Exclusive event format

    The result

    After three years and 35 summit meetings with 59 speakers and 470 participants, we can say that we have established a successful series of events. The summit meetings are characterized by a small group size and the proximity to the top-level speakers. The attendees are encouraged to participate and contribute their own cases for discussion. This benefits not only the physicians, but ultimately also patients.

    Well-informed physicians for satisfied patients

    Entirely positive: the atmosphere among the participants and speakers, the personal exchange among peers, the uncomplicated support – such positive feedback from the participants is always welcome. Physicians often take home new aspects for the treatment of their patients. All participants would recommend our summit meetings to other colleagues. What more could one ask for?